I am writing a function for my Matlab guide programme. I want to apply a limit for 3 text boxes in guide from 0 to 1 and it should only be number. (if a user inputs values that are invalid an error box should generate).The problem is that I want to write one function for that instead of writing limit code in the call back of each text box. It is also not necessary for the user to enter all the values at once, rather the function should run when any of the three values are input by the user and generate feedback. The function that I have written is as follows but it is not working. (It is not necessary that all the three input are provided to a function that's why I used || between inputs)

function CheckMe(maxMBT || minMBT || mainMBT)

 max_MBT= str2double(get(hObject, 'String'));

if isnan(maxMBT)||maxMBT < 0|| maxMBT> 1

  errordlg('Invalid max value for MBT. Please enter values between 0 to 1');
set(max_MBT, 'String', 0);

if isnan(minMBT)||minMBT < 0|| minMBT> 1
    set(min_MBT, 'String', 0);
    errordlg('Invalid min value for MBT. Please enter values between 0 to 1');

if isnan(mainMBT)||mainMBT < 0 || mainMBT >1
    set(edtMBT, 'String', 0);
    errordlg('Invalid value of MBT. Enter values between 0 to 1');

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    You cannot define a function like this. The syntax is function [out_args = ] <name>(arg1 [, arg2 [...]]), with the bits between square brackets being optional. What you want to do is define a function that does the checking, and call that function from each of the three callback functions. – Cris Luengo May 17 '18 at 7:48

Your syntax is wrong, optional arguments are not passed with || separating them. Instead, I'd recommend using 2 inputs:

  1. Input the value you want to check
  2. Input what 'type' of value this is, dependent on which callback is triggered.

The function would look something like this:

function valid = CheckMe( userInput, boxType )
% This checks for valid inputs between 0 and 1.
% USERINPUT should be a string from the input text box
% BOXTYPE should be a string specified by the callback, to identify the box

    % Do the check on the userInput value
    userInput = str2double( userInput );
    if isnan( userInput ) || userInput < 0 || userInput > 1
        % boxType specific error message
        errordlg(['Invalid value for ' boxType '. Please enter values between 0 to 1']);
        % Output flag
        valid = false;
        valid = true;


This function returns a Boolean variable valid, which you can use in your callback function like so:

validatedInput = CheckMe( '0.5', 'TestBox' ); % Using the function to check input
if ~validatedInput
    % Input wasn't valid!
    myTextBox.String = '0';
  • Please Wolfie help me to resolve this issue as I am a beginner – alpine May 22 '18 at 2:19
  • I have helped you by leaving an answer with code you can almost use directly in your project and comments on how it works... What more do you want? Looking at your deleted answers which should have been question edits, the error is quite clear- what is MBT supposed to be? – Wolfie May 22 '18 at 6:15
  • it is supposed to be string. Yes you have really explained it very well. I tried doing it but its giving error. is thsi synta ok? boxType = set (handles.boxType, 'String', MBT)? – alpine May 22 '18 at 7:30
  • Nope, you're trying to set boxType equal to the output of a set command, but the set command doesn't have an output... What are you trying to do on that line? I suspect you just want something like boxType = get( handles.MyTextBox, 'String' ), but then I don't know what handles is. – Wolfie May 22 '18 at 7:41
  • As you said " BOXTYPE should be a string specified by the callback, to identify the box" . I am just trying to save MBT as string so that it can be passed to the functin you have given. What shoudld I write then? – alpine May 22 '18 at 8:16

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