I have this map.

Map<String, String> appPropertyMap;

It is used to store system properties. Values are assigned to this map at the tomcat startup by using a spring bean. Here is my bean which is defined in core-context.xml

<bean id="appPropertyUtil" class="com.fg.banking.core.util.AppPropertyUtil"/>

My problem is, According to my Application Architecture I do not have access to this map in certain module and I'm thinking about setting all the properties of the map to Spring-Context by using System.setProperty("property", "myPropery"); in order to retrieve them by getProperty("property") anywhere in application. To set properties, i will have to iterate the map and set one by one to Spring-Context. This property map is not limited and it can grow. If I set all the properties to Spring-Context by using System.setProperty, how will it affect the performance? Is there a property limit on Spring-Context?

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