I know how to post a form, but I have no idea how to post "few stages" forms. This is what I mean: First stage - you fill the form
Second stage - form is shown as preview (you cannot edit data, only click Back or Next button).
Third stage - they offer some marketing to bump up your ad (you have 2 buttons, Cancel or Send)
I tried to do that in session, anyway, here is my code:

import requests 

payload = {'log': "MY_LOG", 'pwd': "MY_PASS"} # data for log in in Stage 0

url = "http://..._id=3" 
url2 = "http://.../wp-login.php"

with requests.Session() as session:
    res2 = session.post(url2, data=payload) # login page - passed successfuly
    payload2 = {'adcontact_phone': '123321123', 'adtitle': 'TEST TEST',\
 'addetails': 'TEST TEST'} # fields name and data
    res = session.get(url, params=payload2) # 1st stage (fill the form)
    res = session.post(url, data=payload2) # 2nd stage (preview the form)
    res = session.post(url) # 3rd stage (promotion)

Few words of explanation in terms of first res has .get and 2,3 have .post, because, according to Dev console, first form had method GET and 2nd and 3rd stage had POST.
I hope it is clear enough now. Let the brainstorm begin :D

  • Tried that as well: gist.githubusercontent.com/tonybaloney/… – Belloz May 17 at 4:12
  • In this line you used res = session.get(url, data=payload2) # 1st stage (fill the form) but you know the prameter should be params=payload2. Did you try that? – SIM May 17 at 11:07
  • @SIM Yes, I did try that. However, thank you for valuable note, I updated code above. – Belloz May 17 at 22:04
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I solved this problem. I scraped URL with bs4, and apparently, there were couple hidden input fields that I had add to payload with some value.
At the end, it worked, so I am satisfied.
Thanks everyone who was involved in this question, and for tips.

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