I got into following situation where we have checkboxes after each entities

Supervision c
  Internal  c
  External  c

Finance    c
  Car      c 
  House    c 
  Mutual Funds  c

In Spring MVC, i have created a class which holds following:

   private boolean supervision;
   private boolean finance;
   private List<Finances> finances; //enum
   private List<Supervision> supervisions; //enum

At UI i have done following

   <form:checkbox path="obj.finance" /> //Parent
   <c:foreach  FinancesEnum>
      <form:checkbox path="obj.finances"  />    //Child

Is this correct way of handling checkboxes with parent child relationship or not? Are there more available things in spring mvc to handle this? I had some search but jumps into stackoverflow links where unable to find related case.


Yes this is the "correct" way. And no there are no spring mvc out of the box ways available.

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