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Problem: I created an input field with type text, but when page loads it is auto filled with username saved (saved for this website login page)in browsers form data. i want to show it clean when page load.

<input type="text" class="form-control search-field" placeholder="Search Item" 
ng-model="vm.applyCategFoodSearch" autocomplete="off" 

i am unable to find solution, autocomplete='off' was suggested by many other sources, but issue not fixed. if it can be handled using html,jquery,javascript,angularjs. it will be good. I also reset the values in controller


timeout also tried but not working

      $timeout( function(){
    }, 5000 );

if i set time out to 10seconds, it will work, but its not the solution. i am sending ajax call for food categories,when it returns, this timeout code will run with 10second will work. other than 10second will not work.

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In the controller you may set it to empty string.


basically it will be like this $scope.applyCategFoodSearch="" or this.applyCategFoodSearch="" , depends on whichever you prefer

  • I done this as well, but still not working. i also do this by setting timeout,it is not working. – Faseeh Haris May 17 at 5:13
  • share the complete code – brk May 17 at 5:14
  • ok i edit the question, – Faseeh Haris May 17 at 5:14

autocomplete='off' these days is ignore by major browsers. I suggest that you create a random string for each session and when you are outputting html you append the random String to name parameter value. For example , suppose the random String is "fjsdorf" , you can output this name="fjsdorf_txtFieldForSearchItems". When you get the data at the server , you can append the random String when you want to access the parameter values.

try this, hope this helps:

<input type="text" name="foo" autocomplete="off" />

or try with jquery on page load:

  • i do this, but its not working, – Faseeh Haris May 17 at 6:19

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