I'm trying to integrate Kubernetes cluster with Gitlab for using the Gitlab Review Apps feature.

  • Kubernetes cluster is created via Rancher 1.6
  • Running the kubectl get all from the kubernetes shell gives
NAME             TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP    PORT(S)        AGE
svc/my-service   LoadBalancer   x.x.144.67     x.x.13.89   80:32701/TCP      30d
svc/kubernetes   ClusterIP      <none>         443/TCP        30d
  • On the Gitlab CI / CD > Kubernetes page, we need to enter mainly 3 fields:
    1. API URL
    2. CA Certificate
    3. Token


  • If I'm not wrong, we can get the Kubernetes API URL from Rancher Dashboard > Kubernetes > CLI > Generate Config and copy the server url under cluster
apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
- cluster:
    api-version: v1
    insecure-skip-tls-verify: true
    server: "https://x.x.122.197:8080/r/projects/1a7/kubernetes:6443"

CA Certificate & Token?

  • Now, the question is, where to get the CA Certificate (pem format) and the Token?

I tried all the ca.crt and token values from all the namespaces from the Kubernetes dashboard, but I'm getting this error on the Gitlab when trying to install Helm Tiller application:

Something went wrong while installing Helm Tiller

Can't start installation process

Here is how my secrets page look like enter image description here


I'm also dying out with kubernetes and GitLab. I've created a couple single-node "clusters" for testing, one with minikube and another via kubeadm.

I answered this question on the GitLab forum but I'm posting my solution below:


According to the official documentation, the API URL is only https://hostname:port without trailing slash

List secrets

First, I listed the secrets as usual:

$ kubectl get secrets
NAME                           TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
default-token-tpvsd            kubernetes.io/service-account-token   3         2d
k8s-dashboard-sa-token-XXXXX   kubernetes.io/service-account-token   3         1d

Get the service token

$ kubectl -o json get secret k8s-dashboard-sa-token-XXXXX | jq -r '.data.token' | base64 -d
eyJhbGci    ... sjcuNA8w

Get the CA certificate

Then I got the CA certificate directly from the JSON output via jq with a custom selector:

$ kubectl -o json get secret k8s-dashboard-sa-token-XXXXX | jq -r '.data."ca.crt"' | base64 -d - | tee ca.crt
...        ...        ...        ...        ...        ...      

Verity the CA certificate

With the CA certificate on hand you can verify as usual:

$ openssl x509 -in ca.crt -noout -subject -issuer
subject= /CN=kubernetes
issuer= /CN=kubernetes

$ openssl s_client -showcerts -connect < /dev/null &> apiserver.crt

$ openssl verify -verbose -CAfile ca.crt apiserver.crt
apiserver.crt: OK
  • Mine validates and I still get "Something went wrong while installing Helm Tiller"
    – user672009
    Nov 21 '18 at 18:57
  • Mine does not validate. What are some reasons or techniques to determine the problem? Nov 26 '18 at 19:54

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