I am playing with Kafka Streams and faced a situation which seems a little odd to me. I did search on this but could not find a proper answer. While processing the elements in the stream, if any unhandled exception occurs, following error happens and Kafka Streams can not recover, stops processing further messages then I need to restart my application.

2018-05-17 11:00:51.304  INFO 43810 --- [-StreamThread-3] o.a.k.s.p.internals.StreamThread         : stream-thread [snapshot-stream-application-a1dbc5d4-1742-4af2-9919-d4f5f861bb36-StreamThread-3] Stream thread shutdown complete
2018-05-17 11:00:51.304  WARN 43810 --- [-StreamThread-3] o.a.k.s.p.internals.StreamThread         : stream-thread [snapshot-stream-application-a1dbc5d4-1742-4af2-9919-d4f5f861bb36-StreamThread-3] Unexpected state transition from RUNNING to DEAD.
2018-05-17 11:00:51.305 ERROR 43810 --- [-StreamThread-3] c.u.kafkastreams.config.SnapshotStream   : Error while processing:

org.apache.kafka.streams.errors.ProcessorStateException: task [0_4] Failed to flush state store KTABLE-SOURCE-STATE-STORE-0000000000

For sure catching all the exceptions will solve the problem, but I am looking for a proper exception handling mechanism for Kafka Streams. Here is my sample code:

  private KafkaStreams streams;

    public void runStreams() {
        KStreamBuilder builder = new KStreamBuilder();
        KTable<String, String> snapshotTable = builder.table(kafkaProperties.getInputTopic());
        snapshotTable.toStream().foreach((key, value) -> {

        streams = new KafkaStreams(builder, consumerProps());
        streams.setUncaughtExceptionHandler(new Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler() {
            public void uncaughtException(Thread t, Throwable e) {
                LOGGER.error("Error while processing:", e);

    private void process(String message) {
        LOGGER.info("Key: {} Value: {}", key, value);

    private void simulateException(String message) {
        if (message.contains("abc")) {
            throw new RuntimeException();

    private void closeStream() {

    private Properties consumerProps() {
        Properties config = new Properties();
        config.put(StreamsConfig.APPLICATION_ID_CONFIG, "stream-application");
        config.put(ConsumerConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG, kafkaProperties.getBootstrap());
        config.put(StreamsConfig.DEFAULT_KEY_SERDE_CLASS_CONFIG, Serdes.String().getClass());
        config.put(StreamsConfig.DEFAULT_VALUE_SERDE_CLASS_CONFIG, Serdes.String().getClass());
        config.put(StreamsConfig.COMMIT_INTERVAL_MS_CONFIG, 10000);
        config.put(ConsumerConfig.AUTO_OFFSET_RESET_CONFIG, "earliest");
        config.put(StreamsConfig.NUM_STREAM_THREADS_CONFIG, 3);
        return config;

(I did try with kafka-streams and 1.1.0)

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    Your code should never throw an exception... Otherwise Streams dies. That's by design. Catching all exception is a proper design. May 17, 2018 at 18:50


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