I am having a function which checks if name exists in an array (names_array). If exists return true else if not then push the name to names_array and create table rows for each name and append to table.

Using Jasmine I have to test if the function is returning true or false. For this I am passing values for variables names_array and name. But still getting undefined variable error for the code $('#add_name').val();

My javascript code to test is...

function check_names(names_array) {
    var name = $('#add_name').val().toLowerCase();
    //check if name is there in names_array if yes return true, if not then return false and push the item to the names_array

Jasmine code which I am using..

describe("On Name Create",function (){
var names_array = ["add","bad","sad","dad"];
   it("Check for names",function (){
        var name = "add";

Am I missing something as I am new to Jasmine?


You should first check that $(‘#add_name).val() is not null.

Also maybe you should try $(‘#add_name).eq(0).val()

  • Thanks for the reply.. I understand that the error is because of $('#add_name').val() which it is not able to fetch. I using Jasmine for unit testing.. and I don't know how to mock the value for $('#add_name').val() .. I tried var name = "add"; but its not working.. – Indudhara Gs May 17 '18 at 12:14

you are getting this error because $('#add_name').val() not providing any value to toLowerCase() function.

Make sure #add_name, this id in your HTML code have some value with it. You can print it before it's use in your code.

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