I am having some trouble with route model binding my Eloquent subclass. The following code works fine:

$repo = new \App\Repositories\Eloquent\PluginRepository();
$plugin = $repo->findOrFail(1);


object(App\PluginsTypes)#360 (26) {...}

But when I make a model bind, like this:


Route::resource('plugins', 'PluginsController');


public function edit(PluginRepositoryInterface $plugin){
    var_dump($plugin); // object(App\Repositories\Eloquent\PluginRepository)#345 (26) {...}
    var_dump($plugin->id); // NULL

So the problem is, that it does not find the id passed in the route.

Addition code in Laravel project:



namespace App;

class Plugins extends Model{
    // My Eloquent Model

     * The foreignKey and ownerKey needs to be set, for the relation to work in subclass.
    public function type(){
        return $this->belongsTo(PluginsTypes::class, 'plugin_type_id', 'id');



namespace App\Repositories;

use App\Abilities\HasParentModel;

class PluginsRepository extends Plugins{
    protected $table = 'some_table';

    use HasParentModel;


'providers' => [



namespace App\Repositories\Providers;

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;

class PluginRepositoryServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider{

     * This registers the plugin repository - added in app/config/app.php
    public function register(){
        // To change the data source, replace the concrete class name with another implementation

Been using these resources:

HasParentModel Trait on GitHub

Extending Models in Eloquent


I found the answer in the docs (of course):

https://laravel.com/docs/5.6/routing#route-model-binding in the section Customizing The Resolution Logic

In my app/Repositories/Providers/PluginRepositoryServiceProvider.php i have added the following under my interface binding and it now works.

$this->app->router->bind('plugin', function ($value) {
        return \App\Repositories\Eloquent\PluginRepository::where('id', $value)->first() ?? abort(404);

I will probably rename it, but it work like a charm :) Good day...

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