I have regex to remove the match the string that MAY start and end with quotes. So I created a regex to do this.

String str = "#TEST_ENV_TEST_VAR=\"value\"";
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("#TEST_ENV_(.*)=\"?(.*)\"?");
Matcher matcher = p.matcher(str);
String key = matcher.group(2);

But when I check the key and string is value". It should be value right because we have added ? at the end.

I try using []? regex and also try with * but none work.

You do not need the last ? because it stops the greediness of (.*) and stops at the first "



Otherwise, if the goal is only to match the string between quotes, you could simply use positive lookaheads and lookbehinds



This one will match your stuff correctly:


This captures:

  • your #TEST_ENV_ string
  • anything not an equal sign, in the first group
  • the equal sign itself
  • an optional quote, as group #2
  • the contents of the quote, defined as "anything not a quote"
  • A back-reference to group 2, meaning it requires a bracket if the front has one.

Of course, the data will be in group #1 and group #3, since #2 is used for the brackets.

Test it yourself.

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