I checked some questions here but I couldn't find a proper answer. Maybe I am using wrong keywords to search. But what I found didn't help. So here is my question. I have some circles and line that are sliding in a certain way. What I want is to update balance variable after the animations perform.

DoubleProperty balance = new SimpleDoubleProperty();

And I update the balance as follows:

if (shapeADone == false) {
    intersecting = arc.centerXProperty().lessThan(boldLine.getEndX() - 13);
    intersecting.addListener((obs, wasIntersecting, isNowIntersecting) -> {
    again = true;
} else {

But in main method I want to do something like this

level1.balance.addListener(ov -> {
           System.out.println("The new value is " +
           if (level1.balance.getValue()==1) {
              //delay setting scene

I have some animations to perform before setting scene2 but since balance instantly updating, my animations can't be performed. I want to know if there is a way to delay listening balance or setting scene. I tried Thread.sleep and balance.wait but it gives runtime errors.

Edit: This question clearly shows that I was lack of knowlodge about javafx. What I want to do is simple and solution is even more simple. When animation perform to the end I update the value of balance. All I wanted was make sure that animation is showed to the end.

  • Making listener wait javafx That's basically is what a listener is designed to do. – Sedrick May 17 '18 at 21:44
  • 2
    Just a guess here but run your animations. Then on the last/longest running animation use its onFinish() method to update the balance. stackoverflow.com/questions/37752207/… – Sedrick May 17 '18 at 21:53

Here is the answer :

                animation3.setOnFinished(event -> balance.setValue(1));

As Sedrick's comment I change the code like this. Adding setOnFinish to animations which need to be performed solve the problem. It's working.

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