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I have a url and just want to get the id:


Guess I could just look for the '/' at the end and split up the string into substring. What would be a more elegant/better way to just get the id: 223ac74c-0a2f-4f36-b78b-a8ad8a6e3009?

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  • Match /\d+$/? split is fine too – CertainPerformance May 18 '18 at 0:50
  • location.pathname.split('/').pop() is one approach (assuming no hash or query params in url) – charlietfl May 18 '18 at 0:55

You can use Array.prototype.substring or regex

let url = 'https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/112233444';
let id = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

// Or using regex
id = url.match(/\d+$/)[0];

// If your id is some hash or uuid then
url  = 'https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/223ac74c-0a2f-4f36-b78b-a8ad8a6e3009';

  • awesome dude thanks – bier hier May 18 '18 at 0:58
  • I updated answer, don't forget to add $ at the end of regex otherwise it will match any number inside url – Zohaib Ijaz May 18 '18 at 1:02
  • What if the id looks like this:223ac74c-0a2f-4f36-b78b-a8ad8a6e3009 – bier hier May 18 '18 at 2:04
  • @bierhier Updated answer. Added similar scenario – Zohaib Ijaz May 18 '18 at 2:34
  • many thanks, good on ya – bier hier May 18 '18 at 4:55

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