I'm new to Fastlane. Does anyone know how to fix this error from running

fastlane ios myLane.

The output:

[12:50:11]: fastlane finished with errors

[!] Unable to locate Xcode. Please make sure to have Xcode installed on your machine

But I have the newest Xcode (9.3.1) installed from Mac App Store.

Environment info:

fastlane --version

fastlane 2.95.0

which is the newest version.

ruby -v

ruby 2.3.3p222 (2016-11-21 revision 56859) [universal.x86_64-darwin17]


Try check Preferences in Xcode under Locations and be sure you have selected your Xcode version in the Command Line Tools dropdown: Select Xcode version


CLI approach:

sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer

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