I Have a list of more than 200 Radio channels stored in m3u file online. Is there any tutorial or an example of m3u file player from URL or RAW folder, i tried the github open source of IPTV Player open source.
it works good both IPTV and radio stations, the problem is you must download an "IPTV Core and a video player like MX-Player" which makes it useless.
any suggestions please ?


An m3u file is an index file - it will contain pointers to the actual audio streams.

Exoplayer, the Google supported media player for Android will play m3u files containing audio streams contained in a number of different containers - you can see the list here: https://google.github.io/ExoPlayer/supported-formats.html#sample-formats

You will not see m3u in the list as it is the index file which will contain a pointer to a stream using one of the container formats, but so long as your audio is not using an unusual container or encoder and your devices supports the encoder then you should be fine.

There is an ExoPlayer demo here that you can use to test and check you content against: https://google.github.io/ExoPlayer/demo-application.html


this probably its out of time but i develop an example of IPTV with ExoMedia, that have an example demo of video and audio to play from m3u/m3u8 files.

Here is my personal example too, it implemented a parser for a list of m3u/m3u8 to play them into an ExoMedia player.

Hope this could help.

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