I'm trying to execute the following command with openssl ts according to the ts manual

openssl ts -query -data myfile.foobar -cert -out request.tsq

Problem: openssl:Error: 'ts' is an invalid command.

I can't find any useful instructions on how to install ts for openssl anywhere, so help would be appreciated.



According to this site, that functionality was added in v0.9.9. You can check the version with this command:

openssl version
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    thanks! I will update. – David Müller Feb 18 '11 at 23:50
  • @David: I was rather puzzled by it too. I even looked in the source code that I built from and could find absolutely no evidence of the ts command. It turns out I am using 0.9.8p. I hope you get it working. – Mark Wilkins Feb 19 '11 at 0:27
  • Alright, I tried it and everything worked out fine, thanks! this is what I did. Thanks again! – David Müller Feb 20 '11 at 11:10

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