I’m creating a simple project with my pylintrc file and get this error for the test method:

method name - test_calculator_add_method_returns_correct_result -  doesn't conform to snake_case naming style
class TddInPythonExample(unittest.TestCase):
    """ This is a basic test class"""

    def test_calculator_add_method_returns_correct_result(self):
        """ This test the calculator add method """
        calc = Calculator()
        result = calc.add(2,2)
        self.assertEqual(4, result)
  • what is the error ? – kvmahesh May 20 '18 at 10:48
  • its a warning, as shown on the subject. – user1050619 May 20 '18 at 10:50
  • This might be better as a bug report to pylint’s maintainers than an SO question; that method name does appear to have the right style. They’ll also probably want to see the config file in question. – jonrsharpe May 20 '18 at 10:52
  • even I thought the name appear to be in the right style, just want to confirm...will report a bug to pylint.thanks. – user1050619 May 20 '18 at 10:55

Why is the method name rejected

It appears according to this: http://pylint-messages.wikidot.com/messages:c0103 that the length of the name is capped at 30 characters, where your method name is 49 characters long

The fix

You can shorten the method name, or change your config to allow longer methods

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