I have a spring application deployed on the cloud server, digital ocean.

i tried to generate the sitemap.xml file using https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ but it only gives me one page. which can be access on https://hostname.com

i would like my sitemap to have something like

  1. https://hostname.com/page1
  2. https://hostname.com/page2

how can i make a sitemap for other pages which are bundle in a war file in a spring boot application.


If you are looking at exporting URLs mentioned in controllers, then you can get the URLs list from RequestMappingHandlerMapping.

public class TestController {

    private RequestMappingHandlerMapping re;

    public String getSitemap() {
        Map<RequestMappingInfo, HandlerMethod> handlerMethods = re.getHandlerMethods();
        List<String> urls = new ArrayList<>();
        for (Entry<RequestMappingInfo, HandlerMethod> entry : handlerMethods.entrySet()) {
        // Construct XML response from urls and return it


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