I want to know how to properly import file in my test file without using __init__.py in test root folder. Last sentence of this artice states, that test directory should not have init file.

I don't know much about python so I would like to know: 1) Why not 2) How to import file tested.py to the test_main.py in order to test its functionality without using init file as a script that insert paths to PYTHONPATHS? My project has a following structure

├── __init__.py
├── my
│   ├── __init__.py
│   ├── main.py
│   └── my_sub
│       ├── __init__.py
│       └── tested.py
└── test
    └── test_main.py

Files contains following code

import my.main


from .my_sub.tested import inc


def inc(x):
    return x+1

from Python_pytest.my.my_sub.tested import func
def test_answer():
    assert func(3) == 3

When I run the code from command line python __init__.py it prints 6, which is correct.

I would like to test the function inc() in tested.py file. 1. I installed pytest package as a testing framework,
2. created test file similar to the one from tutorial here called test_main.py. 3. Added __init__.py with a code that finds path of the root directory and adds it to sys.path

It worked well but then I read that this shouldn't be done this way. But how should it be done? I have hard time reading some unit tested code from some github repositories that are tested and don't use the init file. (one of them is boto3) I can't find any clue that suggest how to properly use it.

I also tried to use relative imports this way

from ..my.main import func

but it throws ValueError: attempted relative import beyond top-level package. Which is ok. But I tried it anyway.

Now I don't know how to do that. Tutorials concerning importing usually states that we should add paths of imported modules to sys.path (if they are not present already) but how should I do that when there shouldn't be the init file which can hold the functionality?

  • The article you linked refers to an old version of pytest; I suggest you to rather take a look at Good Integration Practices showing project setups both with and without the __init__.py files. – hoefling May 22 at 10:45

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