I am using airbnb eslint and currently I am getting error:

error: Line 6 exceeds the maximum line length of 100 (max-len) at path/to/file.vue:6:1:

<template lang="pug">
          p Please let us know how you got here, and use the header buttons to navigate back to safe harbor.

Is there a way to disable lint for paragraph text like above?
Also, how to increase the line length from 100 to 120?


AFAIK, there is no way to apply eslint rules to the template, and specifically to one line in a template. I hope to be proven wrong though.

anyway, because I have a file with lots of text, to get around it, I've added this rule 'max-len': ["error", { "code": 120 }], in my .eslintrc.js file.

here is the structure (with other settings removed)

module.exports {
  rules: {
    'max-len': ["error", { "code": 120 }]
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    The same solution works also for npm package.json, esLintConfig section.
    – velis
    Jul 23 at 5:47

This will disable the rule for the entire template tag. Official ES Lint docs on disabling rules

  <!-- eslint-disable max-len -->

EDIT: If you want to instead disable line length rule for all .vue files, then add this to .eslintrc.js (this will also disable the rule for <script> and <style> tags):

module.exports = {
  overrides: [
      files: ["*.vue"],
      rules: {
        'max-len': 'off' // disables line length check

For eslint-plugin-vue >= 4.1.0 you can use directive comments to disable eslint.


  <!-- eslint-disable-next-line vue/max-attributes-per-line -->
  <div a="1" b="2" c="3" d="4">
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    any idea why this doesn't work if I use <template lang="pug">?
    – Syed
    Dec 28 '18 at 10:40

You can add this to your ESLint rules:

rules: {
  "vue/max-attributes-per-line": "off"

This worked for me (even if I rather set it on for my projects).
You can find more information here if you want.


You can disable max-len and use vue/max-len with something like "template": 9000. An example:

"overrides": [
      "files": [
      "rules": {
        "max-len": "off",
        "vue/max-len": [
            "code": 120,
            "template": 9000,
            "ignoreTemplateLiterals": true,
            "ignoreUrls": true,
            "ignoreStrings": true

This way you disable the rule only for the <template></template> part of a component.


the correct eslint config is this:

rules: {
  'prettier/prettier': ['error', { printWidth: 120 }],

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