I have node.js script that keeps my MongoDB database and the CRM database synced in real-time.

I want to run this script as a background task on my ubuntu server, I found this solution but it doesn't work for me. Is there any other approach to reach this?


If you just want to start your app, you could use Forever or PM2 for running and auto-restarting on crash. However this is not a background task.

For background task that starts on server reboot, the post you linked is the right way to go. If it didn't work, maybe this article will help you. This is from official Express site: https://expressjs.com/en/advanced/pm.html#systemd

Basically you create

Description="My Express App"

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node server.js
Environment=NODE_ENV=production PORT=8080


Into a /etc/systemd/system/my-app.service file and then use systemctl to start it:

systemctl enable my-app.service
systemctl start my-app.service

Now this assumes your Linux distro works with systemctl. If your linux distro work with upstart or something else, then you need to google up the instruction for that process manager.

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