SourceBaby is apparently one of the Whateverable bots, running in the #perl6 and other IRC channels, which is able to locate the source of Perl 6 functions. However, the syntax is kind of difficult to figure out. To locate lazy-if, which is a method of Any, you have to do (like in the link).

s: Any, "lazy-if", \(1)

I have been trying to google for instructions, but I just couldn't find them. It's not in the official list of Whateverable bots, either. Anyone can help?

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It's not in the official list of Whateverable bots, either.

That's 'cause it's not a Whateverable bot. There are several other community bots that aren't Whateverables, including huggable and buggable bots.

Asking the bot for help gives you a hint where to look for:

<Zoffix>    SourceBaby: help
<SourceBaby>    Zoffix, Use s: trigger with args to give to sourcery
    sub. e.g. s: Int, 'base'. 

The CoreHackers::Sourcery module is just a thin wrapper around core functionality of Code object's .file and .line methods. They report the location of routine's definitions for all routines and for core routines they have this special SETTING:: string that shows the location in rakudo's source (or whatever compiler you're using):

say "{.file}:{.line}" with Any.^lookup: "lazy-if"
# SETTING::src/core/Any.pm6:472

And the bot is a thin wrapper around CoreHackers::Sourcery's sourcery routine. And that's all you do when triggering the bot. You're literally typing arbitrary Perl 6 code that will be inserted as args into that routine and then evaled.

The two calling forms are:

:(Callable:D \to-lookup, Capture \args?) 
:(Mu \object, Str:D \method-name, Capture \args?)

The first one is a 1-2 arg form that you'd usually use with subroutines:

<Zoffix> s: &say
<SourceBaby> Zoffix, Sauce is at

And the second one is a 2-3 arg form that you'd usually use with methods on objects:

<Zoffix> s: $*ERR, 'print'
<SourceBaby> Zoffix, Sauce is at

The last arg in both forms is a Capture of arguments that you want to call the callable with. It's optional, in which case you'd get a proto's location for multi routines. So usually you'd specify the args to get a specific candidate's location:

<Zoffix> s: $*ERR, 'print', \(1, 2, 3)
<SourceBaby> Zoffix, Sauce is at
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    I've long been bemused by SourceBaby. I've never been motivated enough to read and understand the help. With this answer it all looks so simple and perfect. Thanks for this useful bot (in principle), it's nice design (in practice), and this excellent explanation (making it easy for me). Your persistent productivity and patience is very inspiring. – raiph May 22 at 19:31

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