On running docker-compose stop it fails to stop the docker images, and gives an error like this:

ERROR: for nginx cannot stop container: 5f5ed6d2110a0d845508ede160d8196d3e01f1d677e22e4944adc8c984800cff: Cannot kill container 5f5ed6d2110a0d845508ede160d8196d3e01f1d677e22e4944adc8c984800cff: Unknown error after kill: docker-runc did not terminate sucessfully: container_linux.go:393: signaling init process caused "Permission Denied": unknown

The images are still running properly, they just don't restart. I am running docker-compose on Ubuntu.


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I was able to work around the problem by running:

sudo killall docker-containerd-shim

And then docker-compose down started working for me.

I found the solution in this bug report, and it seems that it involves a backport of a fix to the runc code.


It seems that the root cause of these problems on my system was the Docker snap image on my Ubuntu 18.04 installation. I completely removed the snap image and reinstalled Docker using https://get.docker.io, and I no longer encounter these problems. In the meantime, the rest of my answer above worked for me as a workaround.


Somehow this worked for me.

$ sudo killall containerd-shim
  • thanx so much, this one saved me !! Aug 4, 2021 at 12:37

2021: in my case, I am using the

sudo aa-remove-unknown

then, run

sudo docker-compose down

then, the application down successfully

  • That worked for me even without sudo: docker-compose down
    – gorodezkiy
    Feb 2 at 17:11

I had the same problem and what helped me was to kill all of my containers, delete all of my images and data volumes, and start over.

If you have no problem DELETING all of your data volumes and all of your unused images, you can try these two commands:

sudo service docker restart
docker system prune --all --volumes

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