I would like to be able to have common test code in a library module of my android projects, so that the different apps in the project can use them.

The problem is, apps cannot import classes from <library>/src/androidTest/java, and if I move that at code into src\main, it would have to move dependencies from androidTestCompile to compile (more dependencies to the release build).

The only solution right now is to create a separate library to hold the shared test classes, however this has the downside of adding a new library to the project structure, which is not that big a deal, but I'd like to know nonetheless if there are better solutions.

I'd rather implement a Gradle hack at this point if any Gradle (Android plugin) wizards out there can help me find one.

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Since I got no answers, I might as well answer my own question.

I ended up using the solution I already mentioned in my question:

Create a library with shared test classes (not actual test cases, but common code to be used in the final ones) under src/main and import it with androidTestCompile or androidTestImplementation for recent gradle versions.

Got a solution that doesn't involve adding a module? I won't accept my own answer since it doesn't exactly answer the question.


If you have code (test or otherwise) that can be reused across multiple modules, the appropriate thing to do is exactly what you've done: put it in it's own module and import it into the other modules.

The small overhead of creating a new module is giving you a lot of power. It allows you to manage its build without having to change every dependent module's build.

Any other option I've tried (creating a single module that contains all modules' tests, e.g.) ends up being a much bigger headache and a dependency nightmare.

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