I'm writing an application using Perl and Gtk2-Perl that keeps track of elapsed time. It needs to perform a certain function when a count down timer expires. It would be nice if the timer generated a signal when it expired.

I see that GLib provides a GTimer structure for this purpose, but I can't find any documentation about how to access this through Gtk2-Perl, or if this is even advisable, because maybe there's a better solution that's native to Perl.


I think you're looking for Glib::Timeout->add or Glib::Timeout->add_seconds. Note that add_seconds does more than just multiply the interval by 1000.

GLib's GTimer just keeps track of elapsed time; it doesn't emit signals. The Perlish equivalent of a GTimer would be Time::HiRes.


Looks like you can make a call to the Alarm function. That should do the trick

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