I'm working on some project where I did the backend (API/DB and admin panel website) and another dev/company does the mobile app (for iOS). I did my part of the job and was asked to overview the mobile app development in general: test the app on provided iPhone device and ensure that it looks & works as expected.

One of the features that still needs to be implemented is Share on Facebook from mobile app.

There will be two different kinds of "share". The one I'm after -- need to share info about app itself (what our app is, what it can do (benefits) and how to use it: few paragraphs of text and few pics or small video).

The current idea is to re-post some existing post that is posted on the mobile app FB account. This will look the best when reading it on FB newsfeed and provides the best feedback for our needs.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to re-post existing FB post on user account/feed?
  2. If the answer is "Yes" -- how? (link to specific API/function so I can read more... or maybe even some sample code if you have one (Swift)).

    If not possible -- what are the alternatives? How other apps are doing it? Some links to such particular implementations are welcome (e.g. some app does it this way -- maybe they have a blog post on how they did it etc).


  • I've read dedicated FB for developers page but could not find the answer there. Possibly I've read the wrong stuff.
  • I personally do not use any social networks myself (well, I got Twitter that I'm using for reading/following others only).
  • Therefore I do not use any "share" functionality in any apps / sites (have little to no knowledge/personal experience in this area). The best "share" I do is sharing a file via Google Drive (or alike) or a link on website -- nothing related to the social network sharing.
  • Even though I'm using mobile apps on my Android phone, none of them are doing what I'm asking here... so I simply do not know what approaches are possible.
  • Sharing a Facebook post works the same way, as with any other content - via its URL. – CBroe May 23 '18 at 14:06
  • @CBroe So if I understood you correctly: I just share a link to FB post ... and FB is clever enough to see that it's a FB post and it will appear in newsfeed in a same way as if I would click "Share" on Facebook website itself (sorry for asking such possibly stupid question, not a FB user) – LazyOne May 23 '18 at 14:15
  • Pretty much, yeah. – CBroe May 23 '18 at 15:08

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