I have follow folder with Dockerfile

  • build
    • path1
      • v1
        • Dockerfile
      • v2
        • Dockerfile
    • path2
      • v1
        • Dockerfile

I collect it as $(DOCKER_TARGES) ---> build-path1-v1 build-path1-v2 build-path2-v2

Now my target

build-%: build/$(subst -,/,%))/Dockerfile $(shell find build -type f)

I try to replace string in % but it could not work. any suggestion?

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    HardcoreHenry has a good solution. But I wonder, is there any reason you can't just name your targets build-path1/v1 and build-path2/v2 etc.? There's no rule against make variables containing / in their names, or almost any other special character for that matter. If you did that you might not need to play tricks with converting filenames. May 23, 2018 at 21:51
  • Also, is $(shell build -type f) really right? If it is, that doesn't depend on anything related to a specific target and I urge you to assign it into a separate variable with := so it's only invoked one time: BUILD_FILES := $(shell find build -type f) then use that variable as the prerequisite. But probably, you meant do have it only depend on the files in a particular subdirectory and this is wrong (will rebuild everything if anything changes) May 23, 2018 at 21:53

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You can do it with secondary expansion:

build-%: build/$$(subst -,/,%) $$(shell find build -type f)

Note the double $$ signs - as these will expand to dollar signs in the final expansion. You can also do this with a define, though I hate doing this because it can cause unseen bloat:

define MKRULE 
   build-$1: build/$$(subst -,/,$1) $$(shell find build -type f)

foreach(f,$(TARGS),$(eval $(call MKRULE $f)))

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