I have two p2.xlarge instances (A and B), each with their own 75 GB EBS backed storage. I need to get all of the data from volume A onto volume B. My first thought was to start both instances and scp data from one to the other, however, this is not permitted according to the following error message:

Error starting instances
You have requested more instances (2) than your current instance limit of 1 allows for the specified instance type. Please visit http://aws.amazon.com/contact-us/ec2-request to request an adjustment to this limit.

I have thought of a couple other options:

  1. start a new instance of a different type and mount copies of volumes A and B to it. Then use scp to transfer the data (this seems awfully convoluted).
  2. Make a copy of volume A and mount it on instance B along side volume B (not sure if this is possible).
  3. Copy data to S3 storage from volume A and then transfer it to volume B.

What is the preferred method or best practice to get data from volume A to volume B on two instances of the same type?


All the options are valid. However, I think the simplest would be to attach volume A to instance B, start the instance and copy all the data from volume A to volume B. After that, just unmount volume A and mount it back to instance A.

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