Although there used to be some methods to get client IP address (e.g. req.peerHostname ), I cannot figure out how to get it in Vapor 3.0.

Could anyone please let me know how to get client IP address in Vapor 3.0?

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Thanks to the Vapor community, I have got an answer.

You can use req.http.remotePeer.hostname for Vapor 3.0 project.

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    Hello, do you know how to do this with for Vapor 4?
    – Quver
    Commented Nov 16, 2020 at 4:50
  • This isn't working on Vapor 4
    – 3366784
    Commented Apr 14, 2022 at 1:31

Hi hope this helps for Vapor 4 use this

func getIp(req: Request) throws -> EventLoopFuture<String> {
        return req.eventLoop.makeSucceededFuture("\(req.headers.forwarded.first!.for ?? "Not found")")

works fine for me not the best solution I guess but it works :)

  • This answer only works if the HTTP header "forwarded" is set. Today, most proxies will use the "x-forwarded-for" header. If there is no proxy, then this answer will fail. Commented Jan 8, 2023 at 23:53

For Vapor 4 use this

  • This answer does not work if the swift server is running behind a proxy (load balancer). Commented Jan 8, 2023 at 23:54

Vapor 4 includes a method of determining the remote peer address that supports setups with and without a proxy (load balancer).

Use req.peerAddress

Source code comments

We try to determine true peer address if load balacer or reversed proxy provided info in headers Priority of getting value from headers is as following:

  1. try the "Forwarded" header (e.g. for=; proto=http; by=
  2. try the "X-Forwarded-For" header (e.g. client_IP, proxy1_IP, proxy2_IP)
  3. fallback to the socket's remote address provided by SwiftNIO ( e.g.

in 1. and 2. will use port 80 as default port, and 3. will have port number provided by NIO if any

Request.swift source code

public var peerAddress: SocketAddress? {
    if let clientAddress = headers.forwarded.first?.for {
        return try? SocketAddress.init(ipAddress: clientAddress, port: 80)

    if let xForwardedFor = headers.first(name: .xForwardedFor) {
        return try? SocketAddress.init(ipAddress: xForwardedFor, port: 80)

    return self.remoteAddress

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