I want to use service in global interceptor.

my code look like this :

import { VariablesService } from '../app/modules/variables/variables.service';

export class globalInterceptor implements NestInterceptor {
  constructor(private service: VariablesService) {
    console.log('contructor running', service);  //getting null here

and on server.ts first i was initializing like this :

app.useGlobalInterceptors(new globalInterceptor())

but after the injection of service i have to do some modification because parameters are needed now in globalInterceptor()

const variableService = await app.get<VariablesService>(VariablesService);
  app.useGlobalInterceptors(new globalInterceptor(variableService));

Now what the problem is I am getting service is null and I am unable to create the object of the service.

GitHub issue link

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You can register a global interceptor directly from the module definition:

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { APP_INTERCEPTOR } from '@nestjs/core';

  providers: [
      provide: APP_INTERCEPTOR,
      useClass: GlobalInterceptor,
export class ApplicationModule {}

This is listed in the official documentation, here.


After that you must import VariablesService module in your current interceptor module for dipendancy injection

constructor(@Inject(VariablesService) private service: VariablesService) {
    console.log('contructor running', service);  //

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