I am trying to build a piece of Erlang code on Ubuntu 14.04. I got the following error. It seems to be something wrong with the header file. I can not figure it out

type ip_address() undefined type ip_port() undefined

  • you need to give more details if you want to get some help: describe completely your use case, provide the code you are using, the error report... – Pascal May 24 at 8:58
  • I am trying to compile a piece of code from github. Here is the link. github.com/Lyoko-Jeremie/erlkad.git When I used make to coompile it, it gave me the following errors. kad_api.erl:185: type ip_address() undefined kad_api.erl:186: type ip_port() undefined – Hao Li May 28 at 4:21

The code you're looking at is quite old, and includes kernel/include/inet.hrl. This file used to define the ip_address() and ip_port() types, but those are now instead exported from the inet module.

Just replace ip_address() with inet:ip_address(), and ip_port() with inet:ip_port().

Though do note that there may have been other breaking changes in Erlang since that code was published.

Looks like your code uses non-standard types. You can find all standard (built-in) types in the official documentation.

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