I'm Getting error while executing the command minikube start

System details: DELL, OS: Windows 7 with Virtulazation Enabled.

Please help me find an appropriate solution for this.

The error-message:

C:\Users\admin>minikube.exe start Starting local Kubernetes v1.10.0 cluster... Starting VM... Downloading Minikube ISO 150.53 MB / 150.53 MB [============================================] 100.00% 0s Getting VM IP address... Moving files into cluster... Downloading kubeadm v1.10.0 Downloading kubelet v1.10.0 Finished Downloading kubelet v1.10.0 Finished Downloading kubeadm v1.10.0 Setting up certs... Connecting to cluster... Setting up kubeconfig... Starting cluster components... E0524 03:59:38.568748 5880 start.go:276] Error starting cluster: kubeadm init error sudo /usr/bin/kubeadm init --config /var/l ib/kubeadm.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--data --ig nore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-scheduler.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kub ernetes-manifests-kube-apiserver.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-controller-manager.ya ml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-etcd.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=Swap --ignore-preflight-e rrors=CRI running command: : running command: sudo /usr/bin/kubeadm init --config /var/lib/kubeadm.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors =DirAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--data --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc- kubernetes-manifests-kube-scheduler.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-apiserver.yaml --i gnore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-controller-manager.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailabl e--etc-kubernetes-manifests-etcd.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=Swap --ignore-preflight-errors=CRI output: [init] Using Kubernetes version: v1.10.0 [init] Using Authorization modes: [Node RBAC] [preflight] Running pre-flight checks.

[WARNING Swap]: running with swap on is not supported. Please disable swap Flag --admission-control has been deprecated, Use --enable-admission-plugins or --disable-admission-plugins instead. Will be remov ed in a future version. failure loading ca certificate: the certificate is not valid yet : running command: sudo /usr/bin/kubeadm init --config /var/lib/kubeadm.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--etc-kubernete s-manifests --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--data --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-sc heduler.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-apiserver.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileA vailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-controller-manager.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests- etcd.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=Swap --ignore-preflight-errors=CRI .: Process exited with status 1

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failure loading ca certificate: the certificate is not valid yet

Check the date, time and timezone on your laptop, looks like it is incorrect and it is the reason of the problem.

  • I have verified the Date, Time and Timezone. It's looking correct.
    – Praveen
    May 25, 2018 at 5:38
  • Try to run minikube with --v=3 or --v=7 flag, publish the output somewhere and post here a link. That is a debug mode, now the only error I see in your log is about a certificate. May 25, 2018 at 9:28

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