Good day, I need your help, I use in one of my application YouTube data API v3, but I every day there is an excess of the quota limit (Queries per day = 1 000 000). Please tell me whether it is possible to increase the quota, even for money? And it turns out that the application almost half a day does not work.

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  • Hi,I'm face the same issue,my app can't functions with the current quota, do you have any solution? did u get your extension ? – yarin Nov 8 '18 at 21:42

Yes there is a way to increase your quota but it's not easy. You have to go about filling up this form

It will ask you a bunch of questions and information to reach you and then they will decide. It starts with this

This Application will ask you detailed questions about:

(i) your business, (ii) your use of each YouTube API (current and proposed use, as applicable), and (iii) each of your website or software application that uses or will use YouTube API(s) (each an “API Client”).

This application also requires you to submit screenshots and design documents relating to your API Client(s) and your use of YouTube API(s). If you do not have these ready, please apply once these are available.

We will strive to respond to your application as soon as possible, provided that, all required supporting materials are submitted and sufficient, and all questions are thoroughly answered.

Note: Please do not apply for more quota unless you are actually close to hitting your current limit.

Good luck with this

  • Ohh how hard it is(. Is it possible to connect additional quotas for a fee? – Denis Zharikov May 25 '18 at 12:32
  • It's hard in the sense that you have to fill the form and then they determine. I haven't been through the process myself, so I don't know fully – Napster May 25 '18 at 13:36

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