I would like to write a context menu for Markdown files for Windows XP, when I right click on a Markdown file it should display "View in browser" option. It could use MardownSharp or Discount to convert it in HTML and show it using the default browser. I guess that building such feature shouldn't require too much knowledge of the Windows platform. My question is: where should I start considering the fact that I would want to write this tool without using MS Visual Studio (I would like to use opensource software)? Could it be possible to use Mono?

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See this answer on how to convert Markdown to HTML. As far as adding this as a context menu, this is a built-in feature of the Windows registry:

Browse to or create the following key. This assumes the file extension is .mdml (as I am unfamiliar with any set standard on this file format). If that's not the case, replace .mdml with the file extension(s) you are looking for, or * for all files, regardless of extension.


Browse to or create a new sub-key called something like "View in browser" and a sub-sub-key called "Command" (must be this word). In that key, modify the default to display the program and arguments to launch (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\NOTEPAD.EXE "%1").

You should now be able to browse to

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mdml\Shell\View in browser\Command\

and see the launch parameters in (Default).

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