I want to write a regex to match all positive double numbers with maximum 2 digits after decimal point.

My first approach was this:


it works fine for most cases but not for scientific notations, for example 10000000 when it's written as 1.0E7.

I've found an answer here and I made adapted it to my case resulting:


but now it returns false for a lot of "good" values.

Any idea how to make it match only positive numerical values with 0 to 2 digits after the decimal point but also the scientific notation of the numbers?


You copied the exact regex from the other answer which asked for more requirements i.e. matching equation. Removing those with a bit modification you could try:


Live demo


Assuming zero is not a positive number, you can use



  • (?:0\.(?:0[1-9]|[1-9]\d?) matches a positive number smaller than 1 with at most 2 decimal places
  • [1-9]\d*(?:\.\d{1,2})? matches a positive number equal or larger than 1, with optional up to 2 decimal places
  • (?:e[+-]?\d+)?optionally matches the scientific notation


  • no leading zeros allowed
  • no . without decimal places allowed (can be fixed by using \.\d{0,2})
  • more decimal places are possible due to the e-notation (e.g. 1e-3)
  • i-Modifier should be used
  • you might just want to use your languages ability to parse and compare float values

Demo: https://regex101.com/r/ljOaIb/1/

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