Have a basic question on running PHP applications using Eclipse PHP on Ubuntu. I have installed Apache2 and it has its DocumentRoot setup to /var/www. Now my eclipse workspace points to /home/me/workspace. How do I deploy my applications from my workspace folder to the server using Eclipse ? If I choose my workspace loc as /var/www, things work. But I dont wanna do that. Is there a way I can publish my code to the server ?I remember the Tomcat plugin for eclipse had a 'publish to server' feature. Anything similar on Eclipse PHP ?

Also, not sure if I have missed out on anything while setting things up..

Thanks in advance :)


What about doing it the other way around, setting the apache docroot to your workspace dir? I work with ZendStudio (Eclipse based) with this setup.

  • Hi AJweb.. thanks for your comment.. I did think about that. But its just that I wanna keep my dev and prod env separate. I am currently doing it through ANT as explained in stackoverflow.com/questions/3747070/… . – sharath Feb 19 '11 at 20:11

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