I have a problem with the "time to live" settings in MongoDB. I created an Indexed Annotation in my Spring-Boot 2.0.2.RELEASE project in my Entity which represents my Document in the MongoDB. I set the "expireAfterSeconds" for testing to 15 seconds but MongoDB does not delete a inserted Document after 15 seconds. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

This is the MongoDB Index as JSON:

    "createdDateTime" : 1

This is my entity:

@Document(collection = "AccountRegistration")
public class UserRegistration {

  private ObjectId _id;
  @Indexed(unique = true)
  private String username;

  @Indexed(unique = true)
  private String email;

  private String user_password;

  @Indexed(name = "deleteAt", expireAfterSeconds = 15)
  private Date createdDateTime;

  public UserRegistration() {}

  public ObjectId get_id() {
    return _id;

  public void set_id(ObjectId _id) {
    this._id = _id;
  • Hey did you find any solution for this i am also facing the same :( – CodingRat Jul 2 '20 at 15:24

Here is explanation: "The background task that removes expired documents runs every 60 seconds. As a result, documents may remain in a collection during the period between the expiration of the document and the running of the background task."

  • This isn't the answer, you're just stating the documents may live past the TTL. If you replicate the code the developer is using, you'll see that the document lives forever and is never deleted. Therefore your answer isn't actually useful to the developer, and should have been a comment instead. – Chris Turner Jun 14 '18 at 20:28

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