I am new to Git and have been running smoothly until this snag. I have just worked on a branch b1 and committed a number of changes, mostly involving moving files around to different folders. I then did

git push
git checkout master
git push

and everything was fine. Then I tried to do

git checkout b1

and I get a huge list of errors for all the files I recently changed, each one saying:

error: cannot stat '....': Permission denied

I look in my directory and it seems to be a weird mix of the old folders I should have in master right now (the old ones) and then new folders that should only appear if b1 is checked out, which when I try to click on them deny me axis. Seems like things are stuck in a limbo state.

Rebooting fixed the problem, but I want to know the source of the issue so that I don't need to resort to that if it happens regularly, or at least how I can avoid it.

I'm running Windows 10 on a laptop and pushing to GitHub.

  • I was working with Windows 10 Ubuntu subsystem and while my Node.Js app was running on it, I found that all files was locked when trying to change branch with Git. So it's probably an opened application that cause your permission issue. – probitaille Jan 29 '19 at 14:22

Surely you've figured this out, but if you're running backend (python) or frontend (angular) services be sure to stop them as these processes may created this lock scenario.

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