Is it possible to use SSO for PWAs for standalone display?

I can login to my app through email but if I try twitter/fb/google SSO, it opens to a new browser since they are out of the scope. This makes it pretty useless...

Is the only solution to just wrap the app?


The short answer is, SSO-inside-an-installed-PWA is broken on Chrome for Desktop as of Chrome 70 (November 2018).

The good news is, the W3C web.manifest standard has changed, and will no longer require browsers to open out-of-scope navigation in a separate window. This will fix the case of installed PWAs with single-sign-on authentication. This will be fixed in Chrome 71 on the desktop (due December 2018), and is already fixed on Chrome for Android.

Here's the update to the W3C web.manifest spec that details the change. In short, the spec says browsers must not block out-of-scope navigation inside an installed PWA. Instead, the spec encourages browsers to show some prominent UI (perhaps a bar at the top) notifying the user that the navigation is out-of-scope.

"Unlike previous versions of this specification, user agents are no longer required or allowed to block off-scope navigations, or open them in a new top-level browsing context. This practice broke a lot of sites that navigate to a URL on another origin..."


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