I want to access realm database created by my ios app that I created using react-native. Its easier to use adb pull for android but for ios I am not getting much idea. There are some links like -

  1. realm-file in ios app
  2. to find app uuid for above link

So any help, how to view realm db for developing and debugging purpose for react-native developed ios app.

Thanks for the answer but additional (out of curiosity) Question - but how to find app uid which are installed by react native on ios simulator ??

  • You gotta love the iOS stimulator ;-) – dentemm May 27 '18 at 17:43
  • some looking to see more data about your app try this app – abby37 Jun 4 '18 at 15:53

While searching through the web, got the answer in docs:

console.log('realm db file path:', realm.path);

With the iOS emulator you can just find the path and open the Realm directly (which allows you to see the changes as they happen, great for debugging), on Android you will have to copy the file out to the regular file system.

It is all described in the docs for Realm Studio: https://docs.realm.io/platform/realm-studio/view-your-data#viewing-realms-from-emulators

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