I have a function defined as below to query the database table

def query_from_DB(obj, **filter):

    DBSession = sessionmaker(bind=engine)
    session = DBSession()

    res = session.query(obj).filter_by(**filter)

    return [x for x in res] 

I query the table using the request as below

query_from_DB(Router, sp_id="sp-", connectivity="NO")

the above result returns the response from the DB correctly, but when I make a query using

query_from_DB(Router, sp_id!="sp-", connectivity="NO")

i got an error

 SyntaxError: non-keyword arg after keyword arg

What could be the possible changes I can make to get the result?

  • Creating a sessionmaker instance every time you make a query is an anti-pattern. You can move the line DBSession = sessionmaker(bind=engine) outside of query_from_DB. See When Do I Make a sessionmaker. Also closing your session before using the objects returned from the query can create issues if you haven't eager loaded any relationships. – SuperShoot May 28 '18 at 0:44

I don't believe you can use != on a keyword argument.

You can do connectivity="YES" or use the filter sqlalchemy function so you can pass == or !=, but then you won't be able to use keyword args. You'd have to pass a SQL expression like so... res = session.query(obj).filter_by(connectivity != "NO")

This question may be helpful... flask sqlalchemy querying a column with not equals


Did you simply try res = session.query(obj).filter_by(connectivity <> "NO") ?

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