I have an dynamic array of department list fetched from server. I want to push that array to form array on initialization, basically i want to show checkboxes based on department name or id in array. I know how to push an empty array in reactive forms.but how to initialize with an existing array.Actually its an update/edit Component

 departmentList:any=[];    //array contains all departments  
 SelectedDeptList:any=[];  //fetched from db , selected departments

userForm: FormGroup; 
this.userForm = this.fb.group({  //fb form builder
                'phone': [null],
                 'departmentList': this.fb.array([this.createDepartment()]),

  createDepartment(): FormGroup {
        return this.fb.group({
            'name': ''//checkbox value true or false



 <div formArrayName="departmentList"
                                *ngFor="let item of 
    userForm.get('departmentList').controls; let i = index;">
   <div class="col-md-6" [formGroupName]="i">
   <div class="form-group">

   <div class="col-md-4">
   <label class="mt-checkbox mt-checkbox-outline">
   <input  formControlName="name" type="checkbox" > Department Name



ToDo ?

1) how can i populate or initialize list of all dept checkboxes and those should be true which are present or exist in my 'SelectedDeptList' array(fetched from db).

thanks in advance , any suggestion will be appreciated.


try this, prepare an array of object that contain selected and non selected element

let departmentControl = <FormArray>this.userForm.controls.departmentList;

this.yourArray.forEach(department => {
  departmentControl.push(this.fb.group({name: department.name}))
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Try This..

let departmentControl = this.form.get('departmentList') as FormArray).controls;

then when you receive response from server then do

I am assuming data in the form of array in data['departmentListdata']

data['departmentListdata'].forEach((department) => { this.departmentList.push(this.createDepartment(department)) 
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To pre-populate data, there are two methods of FormGroup instance. setValue() & patchValue(). After you receive the response from the server just set/patch the values using one of these methods setValue() and patchValue() both sets the value in form control of FormGroup. setValue() sets the value for each and every form control of FormGroup. you cannot omit any form control in setValue() but if you want to assign only few form controls of FormGroup then you can use patchValue().

                    'phone' : '112345',//some Value
                   'departmentList': this.this.departmentList


OR use patchValue(). If you want to update a partcular formControl


                       'departmentList': this.departmentList

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  • thanks for answer . patch value just patch those checkboxes that were selected and stored in db . but firstly before patch i would have to show all checkboxes then secondly patch value . – naila naseem May 27 '18 at 8:53

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