I have a ListAPIView, this is the result by access the url localhost:8000/api/physicalserver_task/list:

    "count": 1,
    "next": null,
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "id": 16,
            "physicalservers": [],

the code is bellow:

class PhysicalServerTaskListForHomeWorkPanelAPIView(ListAPIView):
    serializer_class = PhysicalServerTaskListForHomeWorkPanelSerializer
    permission_classes = [IsAdminUser]
    pagination_class = CommonPagination

    def get_queryset(self):
        filters = {'{}__contains'.format(key): value
               for key, value in query_params.items()}
        return PhysicalServerTask.objects.filter(**filters)

I have a requirement, that is filter the physicalservers's length is 0.

you know if we just filter the id, we can use


But how about if I want to filter the physicalservers's count is 0?


My Serialiazer code is bellow:

class PhysicalServerTaskListForHomeWorkPanelSerializer(ModelSerializer):

    physicalservers = PhysicalServerTaskSerializer(many=True, read_only=True)

    physicalserver_count = serializers.IntegerField(write_only=True, allow_null=True)

    class Meta:
        model = PhysicalServerTask
        fields = "__all__"
        depth = 1

You can use phisicalservers__isnull lookup for this:

def get_queryset(self):
    filters = {'{}__contains'.format(key): value
           for key, value in query_params.items()}
    if query_params.get('serverscount') == 0:
        filters.update({'phisicalservers__isnull': True})
    return PhysicalServerTask.objects.filter(**filters)
  • in Python does the None is null? – qg_java_17137 May 28 '18 at 7:03
  • @qg_java_17137 yes in python None is analogue of null. But in this query __isnull lookup also match empty relation set. – neverwalkaloner May 28 '18 at 7:05

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