I'm struggling to integrate vue-instantsearch with Vuex store in Vue SSR app.

I've tried to follow https://github.com/algolia/vue-instantsearch-examples/tree/master/examples/ssr however this example is using only context.store and I'm trying to adapt it to use with Vuex store

My integration is following:

  <div class="vwp-single">
    <ais-index :searchStore="searchStore" :auto-search="false">
      <ais-search-box placeholder="Find products"/>
      <ais-refinement-list attribute-name="colors"></ais-refinement-list>
        <template scope="{ result }">
            <ais-highlight :result="result" attribute-name="name"></ais-highlight>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>

import {
} from 'vue-instantsearch'

import { mapGetters } from 'vuex'

const fetchInitialData = (store, route) => {
  let store1
  store1 = createFromAlgoliaCredentials(
  store1.indexName = 'ikea'
  store1.query = route.params.query ? route.params.query : ''
  store1.addFacet('colors', FACET_OR)
  store1.highlightPreTag = '<mark>'
  store1.highlightPostTag = '</mark>'
  return store1.waitUntilInSync().then(() => {
    store.dispatch(`pt/searchStore`, store1.serialize())

export default {
  computed: {
    ...mapGetters('pt', ['searchStore'])
  prefetch: fetchInitialData,
  beforeMount () {
    if (!window.__INITIAL_STATE__) {
      throw new Error('Not state was found.')
    this.searchStore = createFromSerialized(
  methods: {
    loadResults () {
      fetchInitialData(this.$store, this.$route)
  created () {
  watch: {
    '$route' () {
      this.searchStore.query = this.$route.params.query
        ? this.$route.params.query
        : ''
    'searchStore.query' (to) {
      if (to.length === 0) {
        this.$router.push({ name: 'map' })
      } else {
        this.$router.push({ name: 'mapSearch', params: { query: to } })


if I remove ais-index and just render out {{ searchStore }} I can see data returned, but if I try to mount it on ais-index component, it fails with following errors:

[Vue warn]: Error in beforeMount hook: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'helper' of undefined"

found in

---> <PageMap> at src/theme/PageMap.vue
warn @ vue.runtime.esm.js:587
vue.runtime.esm.js:587 [Vue warn]: Error in nextTick: "AlgoliaSearchError: Please provide an application ID. Usage: algoliasearch(applicationID, apiKey, opts)"
warn @ vue.runtime.esm.js:587
vue.runtime.esm.js:1737 AlgoliaSearchError {name: "AlgoliaSearchError", message: "Please provide an application ID. Usage: algoliasearch(applicationID, apiKey, opts)", stack: "AlgoliaSearchError: Please provide an application …ttp://localhost:3100/assets/js/vendor.js:6674:45)"}

Would much appreciate if someone could point me in right direction how to debug this or show example code how to integrate vue-instantsearch with Vuex and SSR

  • Hi, I am reviewing your post. You should add images directly, since web-addresses can change. It also makes it easier for the SO community to reproduce your query. – rainer May 28 '18 at 11:03

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