How can I find the n! permutations of certain letters on Scala?

Scala 2.9 RC1:

scala> "abc".permutations.toList
res58: List[String] = List(abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba)
  • I would like to note, that the number of permutations may quickly become very large. If you make call permutations.toList doesn't it create all of those probably many permuations and stores all of them in memory at once. If that is correct the java process may quickly get out of memory. permutations returns an Iterator which does not have this problem, because it creates the permutations lazily, one after the other. You can e.g. use the map or collect functions to process the permutations the same way. – user573215 Aug 8 '14 at 11:20
scala> def permutations[T](xs: List[T]): List[List[T]] = xs match {
     |     case Nil => List(Nil)
     |     case _   => for(x <- xs;ys <- permutations(xs diff List(x))) yield x::ys
     | }
permutations: [T](xs: List[T])List[List[T]]

scala> permutations("abc".toList) foreach println
List(a, b, c)
List(a, c, b)
List(b, a, c)
List(b, c, a)
List(c, a, b)
List(c, b, a)

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