I want to know how to change title on login page via Keycloak?

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The easiest way is to change the following line in themes/base/login/messages/messages_[your_language].properties.

loginTitle=Log in to {0}

However, I suggest you should read the official document and create your original theme.


You can change to themes[your theme]\login\resources\css\login.css

You can add like this

/* Title */
#kc-page-title::after {
    content: " to MyHomeLogin"

I suggest the following if you are working with a custom theme.

  1. Go to themes/base/login.
  2. Copy the file template.ftl
  3. Go to themes/custom/login -> 'custom' or the name of your theme
  4. Paste the template.ftl file there
  5. Open template.ftl
  6. Search for the element
  7. Replace the content with your desired text
  8. Save it and reload the page

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I prefer this method because it only overwrites the base theme at runtime without making any changes to the base theme directly. Thanks.

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