I created an Unity game in Windows and I wanted to pass it to a Mac computer. I built it for Mac and I uploaded the .app folder to Google Drive as a .rar. Then, I downloaded it in a Mac and I unzipped it. When I try to open it, it shows the error message “Someapp.app can’t be opened”. It doesn’t explain why. I think the problem isn’t from Unity because the log file is empty after the error. Can anyone help me?


I needed to make the actual executable in the .app folder, well, “exectuable”. Please try:

Open up a Terminal and navigate to your app folder:

cd <PATH_TO_YOUR_APP>/<APP_NAME>.app/Contents/MacOS/

This folder contains the actual executable file which Windows aparantly didn’t make executable. Let’s add the executable flag:

chomd +x <APP_NAME>

Atferwards I could start the app.

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