I'm trying to fade the new element in, and fade it out when I deleted it.

animations: [
        trigger('enterAnimation', [
            transition(':enter', [
                style({opacity: 0}),
                animate(800, style({opacity: 1}))
            transition(':leave', [
                state('invisible', style({opacity: 0})),
                style({opacity: 0}),
                animate(800, style({opacity: 0}))

And this is my template

<div *ngFor="let item of data" [@enterAnimation]='item.state'>

Now the fade in is work fine, but when I delete the item, I'm changing the item from visible to invisible but the element doesn't disappeared.

  1. States should be outside the transition. If they're inside, they're only applied during the transition.

  2. Since you use a loop, you should use a custom trackBy function to be sure that your items are correctly added/removed.

  3. Because you rely on entering and leaving transitions, you don't need to give a parameter to your animation attribute.

This leaves you with this

trigger('Fading', [
  state('void', style({ opacity: 0 })),
  state('*', style({ opacity: 1 })),
  transition(':enter', animate('800ms ease-out')),
  transition(':leave', animate('800ms ease-in')),

And in your HTML

<div *ngFor="let item of data" @Fading>

Note that your items will only fade, they won't collapse or anything. So don't be shocked if yo usee erratic behavior, that's because you made a very simple animation.

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