I am using keycloak JavaScript adapter in my Angular 5 app and whilst my login and redirection works, the problem is that whenever I refresh my ng app it will again ask for keycloak login altough I see that my session is still active on /auth/realms/{image a realm name}/account.

As I have understood it from the keycloak JS Adapter documentation https://www.keycloak.org/docs/3.0/securing_apps/topics/oidc/javascript-adapter.html, when onLoad is set to login-required for init options it authenticates the client if the user is logged-in to Keycloak or display the login page if not. But it seems like, in my case, that it takes one second to log me out because it always redirects me to the keycloak's login page.

  • did you find a solution? I have the same problem as you. – dmance May 15 at 6:34
  • Yes, I did find a solution but I don't really remember it. I think it was because of our system architecture where we had a layer for handling authentication and authorization so the urls, that I'd got, weren't working because of a missed configuration in our system. – Random Stuff May 25 at 23:35

You need to pass the saved token from previous login to keycloak init constructor. If you are using Authorization Flow (standard) then refresh token as well. Like this.

// load previous tokens, saved after successful login of keycloak success callback
    const token = localStorage.getItem('kc_token');
    const refreshToken = localStorage.getItem('kc_refreshToken');
    // pass to keycloak init
    keycloak.init({ onLoad: 'login-required', token, refreshToken }).then(
      localStorage.setItem('kc_token', keycloak.token);
      localStorage.setItem('kc_refreshToken', keycloak.refreshToken);
      //load your app from here
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  • do not use local storage to store a token. dev.to/rdegges/please-stop-using-local-storage-1i04 – Stuck Oct 19 at 11:37
  • @Stuck But KC-tokens are already available to the browser if you look at the network requests and they are only valid for X seconds. How does storing it in either local or session storage make it worse? – Tafsen Oct 20 at 10:49

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