My situation is similar to - Packets out of order. Got: 80 Expected: 0 node.js (no solutions). Works fine on local machine but fails on virtual machine.

Code as follows:

var connection = mysql.createConnection({
        host     : "xxxxx",
        port     : 22,
        user     : "root",
        password : "root",
        database : "db"

Error as follows:

Error: Packets out of order. Got: 45 Expected: 0 at Parser.write (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Parser.js:42:19) at Protocol.write (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:39:16) at Socket. (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:103:28) at emitOne (events.js:116:13) at Socket.emit (events.js:211:7) at addChunk (_stream_readable.js:263:12) at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:250:11) at Socket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:208:10) at TCP.onread (net.js:607:20) -------------------- at Protocol._enqueue (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:145:48) at Protocol.handshake (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:52:23) at Connection.connect (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:130:18) at /home/webdev/PM/LT/server.js:1147:13 at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/layer.js:76:5) at next (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/route.js:100:13) at Route.dispatch (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/route.js:81:3) at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/layer.js:76:5) at /home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:234:24 at Function.proto.process_params (/home/webdev/PM/LT/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:312:12)

My work for a client has come to a standstill due to this error, therefore request a solution at the earliest. Thank you.

  • Are you sure about port:22? Port 22 is usually used for SSH, MySQL should be 3306. Of course your configuration could be different... May 29, 2018 at 11:13
  • Default port 3306 is not recognized. You are right - port 22 is for SSH. 22 is the only port that gives an error atleast. I am a layman wrt to ports.Thanks for the response. May 31, 2018 at 5:57
  • Were you able to solve this? Jul 8, 2018 at 20:56
  • 1
    The problem was with the mySql version on the server. Dec 3, 2018 at 19:23


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