I am using Tex Studio for making a document in Latex. unfortunately, I'm facing a problem. when I compile my document main file after changing in the text, it does not apply on pdf view. what would be the solution to this problem?

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    You should provide more information about your configuration to narrow down the problem like which command line options are given to pdflatex. Usually, a missing synctex file or option causes this problem. – kristjan Jun 7 at 15:31
  • Are you using Build and View (default shortcut is F5)? If you are, and pdf view is not updating, probably txs:///view-pdf is not being passed. Please show us your build configuration (Configure TeXstudio -> Build with "Show Advanced Options" checked on the bottom left corner of the dialog window). – Troy Sep 10 at 20:06
  • What if you press F7? Does the pdf view refresh (do you see the changes you made in the previous compilation?) – Troy Sep 10 at 20:07

First I press ctrl + L + Backspace, then compiling again, you will see all the reference and citation display "?". Next, use delete the file .text in your folder, then complie again, the change will be applied

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